Review of Bowflex TC10 TreadClimber

by Michaelon March 22, 2016
The Latest Update – This treadmill has now been discontinued. If you are looking for a good replacement, please check out our treadmill finder here. Please Note – This machine has now been replaced by the Bowflex TC100. The Bowflex TC 10 has been called the WalkTC or TreadClimber and is actually three fitness machines […]

A Review Of The Bowflex TreadClimber TC5000

by Michaelon November 27, 2015
The TreadClimber is one of the most popular incline trainers offered by Bowflex. This versatile machine allows users to decide whether they would like to walk on an incline, train on the elliptical or climb. They are able to burn calories and get their bodies in shape better than they can with traditional treadmills, and […]


Walktc Treadclimber Review – TC 20

by Michaelon August 20, 2015
Bowflex currently offers three different TreadClimber products/models: TC20, TC10, and TC5. All of these models have different features available to them. Some of the differences in features include different workout programs, unit weights, and even different speeds. Below, you will see our review of the WalkTC that TreadClimbers actually revealed is the most advanced model […]